In BRB Construcciones we have been doing reforms in the hotel and vacation sector for more than 25 years.


We offer a comprehensive service, where we take care of 100% of the client's needs.

Our extensive experience in this sector with a large number of reforms in the tourist areas of the Canary Islands, recovering open spaces, common areas, swimming pools, facades and interiors of apartments and hotels endorse us as a remarkable company in this field. performing quality jobs quickly and cleanly.

Do not hesitate to contact us to study your project. We are specialists in finding the best solutions for your needs.


Our commitment is always to achieve the highest level of quality in each of our executions, through teamwork, the spirit of service, the technical foundation of our works or the elimination of any activity that does not provide real added value. BRB Construcciones is a company in constant progression, with capacity to face any challenge, with the commitment to undertake, plan and execute the works with the seriousness and the quality that our clients demand. The professional teams of the different areas that make up the company, work day by day in the same direction, achieving the full satisfaction of our clients in the elaboration and execution of their projects.

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