Each project is managed by a single responsible person with proven experience who is in charge of the dialogue with the client, control and monitoring, and is in charge of a team of construction professionals chosen according to the type of work to be performed. So when the client hires the services of BRB Construcciones has the assurance that the work will be done by specialists with proven experience, the work being centralized in a single responsible person who is in charge of talking with the client.

The quality policy of BRB Construcciones is based on obtaining a final result of the projects satisfactory for the client, which reflects the achievement of the objectives agreed upon and the professionalism of the human team responsible for said project. For this, BRB Construcciones uses quality control procedures, which allow the selection and application of parameters that influence the final result of quality, such as the quality of the materials used, execution techniques, execution times, the effectiveness of the suppliers, the professionalism of the subcontractors and the treatment to the client.

BRB Construcciones looks for a continuous improvement that has as objectives:
• Customer satisfaction, achieving products that reach their expectations with a quality / price ratio adapted to their requirements.
• Provide the customer with safe and reliable products that comply with the applicable specifications, standards, instructions and legislation.
• Achieve a continuous process of detection of nonconformities, resolution and prevention of them, in order to reduce non-quality costs, standardizing reliable production processes.
• Professional development of staff, through training and information tailored to the needs of each job, drawing up annual training plans.
• Permanent contact with suppliers and customers for product improvement.

Our commitment is always to achieve the highest level of quality in each of our executions, through teamwork, the spirit of service, the technical foundation of our works or the elimination of any activity that does not provide real added value. BRB Construcciones is a company in constant progression, with capacity to face any challenge, with the commitment to undertake, plan and execute the works with the seriousness and the quality that our clients demand. The professional teams of the different areas that make up the company, work day by day in the same direction, achieving the full satisfaction of our clients in the elaboration and execution of their projects.

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