• Carbon fiber as a reinforcement of structures

    15th September 2017

    Carbon fiber is a perfect material for reinforcing structural elements such as beams, joists and pillars.

    Carbon fiber is a synthetic material that has been used since the 1960s in the aeronautics and aerospace industry. It was not until more than a decade later that it was first used in other sectors such as sports or construction.


    The most common application of this material in our sector is in the reinforcement of structures that have suffered pathologies due to poor execution or maintenance, natural disasters or by adaptation to the new regulations.

    In our case the José Tejera school is located in a valley, at the confluence of two ravines, so after heavy rains, it receives a great amount of moisture inside its sanitary forge, which has produced the penetration of humidity in the reinforcements that when corroded break their concrete cover and lose their bearing capacity.


    After receiving the order in our company to repair the sanitary slab, the reinforcements were cleaned in the pillars and the most affected areas of the floor, later applying long ribbons of carbon fiber along the affected nerves and pillars. This material compresses the structure preventing it from frequenting and therefore preventing cracks from appearing through which the water can be poured.

    This innovative solution guarantees a great stability and durability to the whole building.

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