19th April 2018

    The importance of facing the rehabilitation of your apartment complex with a guarantee company.

    If you want to rehabilitate or reform an apartment complex you have to take into account a series of questions before choosing a reform company that can deal with the work in a comprehensive manner.


    By fulfilling all these steps, you will have all the guarantees covered, of having a trustworthy company to reform your neighborhood community or apartment complex.

    In BRB-Construcciones we have more than 30 years of experience, working in this type of work. We have a fixed work unit in the South of Gran Canaria. With active projects as in C.C. Yumbo or Happy Bay.

    If you are thinking about facing a reform or rehabilitation of your apartment complex, you can contact our Customer Service team to arrange an interview and evaluate your project.

    You just have to click HERE to contact us.