• Do you need to reform your garage?

    04th April 2018

    In BRB Construcciones we have extensive experience in the adaptation, modernization and reform of large garages.

    Our garages need renovation every certain period of time. Either fix dampness, damage caused by car crashes, damage caused by the passage of time ... it does not matter! You have the problem that you have, we solve it, since we are a company with a wide and extensive experience in the sector. We work both reforms in community garages as in private garages, since what interests us is to be able to solve the problems of most of the people.

    When we think about renovations in general garages are usually the forgotten ones. If it is about garage renovations of communities it is logical that we do not have this area in mind

    Applying our knowledge, we have qualitatively transformed the appearance of parking spaces, modernizing them, giving them luminosity, cleanliness and comfort for the user. Our experience allows us to perform this type of work quickly and cleanly.

    At BRB Construcciones we have extensive experience in the renovation of Garages. With many works made in the province of Las Palmas.

    You just have to contact our Customer Service to request your FREE quote:

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