• Does your home need a change of look? Rehabilitate your facade

    18th December 2018

    The facade of your building or home reflects the years of the building and says a lot about the personality of the structure. In addition, not worrying about rehabilitation from time to time can cause other problems of safety and energy savings in addition to aesthetics.

    Buildings, like all things in this world age, this can be exacerbated by changes in temperature and external factors to which they are exposed. This passage of time becomes more evident in its facades, leaving a picture podre and careless of breaking with the personality of the house.

    Over time the facades suffer a progressive degradation (spalls, humidity, cracks), so that it is necessary to proceed with their rehabilitation, especially if they have not had proper maintenance and have been neglected over the years.

    The first thing we must do is have the opinion and / or help of a professional (architect or surveyor) to guide us on what are the reforms and actions that must be carried out, since they can go from a simple painting until a complete restoration of the facade. Remember that in brb constructions we advise you for free.

    After a proper inspection by a professional, a diagnosis is made that will guide us on the needs of work required by the facade to be rehabilitated.

    After this, it's time to start thinking about the budget, the bureaucratic procedures and the necessary licenses to start the work. The difficulty of this step will depend on whether it is a simple facelift or whether it is structural changes. The staff of brb Construcciones will accompany you throughout the rehabilitation process of your facade, whether you are a private individual or belong to a community of neighbors.



    Energy efficiency thanks to the rehabilitation of facades
    It is important to take into account the energetic behavior, since the façade is one of the elements that most affects the energetic behavior of buildings. The rehabilitation of the facade is a good opportunity to replace windows with efficient windows, place insulation, etc., so as to improve the energy performance of houses and buildings.

    Thanks to the energy rehabilitation of facades, each home can have a saving of 50% according to our data obtained from the energy certificates made since the beginning of the regulation in 2013.