15th March 2018

    When undertaking the integral reform of a house it is necessary to take into account a large number of factors to determine the structural needs of the building. In addition, you must decide what elements you want to keep to maintain the essence of the property and which ones to reform to adapt it to your personality and lifestyle.

    4 Basic factors to keep in mind when you are going to rehabilitate your home

    The first thing that must be examined is the state of the structure of the building. It is essential that professionals study whether it is necessary to reinforce the walls and beams, add buttresses, replace elements, repair cracks, etc.

    The possibility of improving the acoustic and thermal insulation of the property should also be considered, analyzing the techniques and materials necessary for each case.


    One of the aspects that most worries when facing the integral reform of an old house is the state of the pipes, the electrical installation and the rest of equipments.

    You should assess the convenience of maintaining them and, in the event that you decide to change them, will be an ideal opportunity to carry out an energy rehabilitation of the home, which will allow you not only to improve comfort in your home and your quality of life, but also that can mean a significant saving in the long-term energy bill.

    For this you should consider the installation of insulating windows, the replacement or repair of pipes, the treatment of dampness (which significantly affect the air conditioning of your home) and the installation of efficient heating systems, air conditioning and hot water.


    Another fundamental decision when executing a complete reform of your house is to determine if you want to maintain the current distribution of the property or prefer to make changes to adapt it to your tastes and needs.

    In this sense, you must assess whether you want to make a complete restructuring or modify only specific sections, such as making an opening by changing doors and windows.


    Once the structure has been analyzed and the layout decided, it will be time to go into the details of each of the rooms: choose the floor of the dining room, improve the brightness of the rooms, how to reform the bathroom and the kitchen, what antique elements you want maintain or restore, etc.

    In this sense, you must choose the materials, the furniture and the appropriate equipment according to your tastes, the constructive needs of each element and the budget you have.

    At this point it is necessary to take into account that the materials must be ordered in advance, since some products may take several weeks to arrive depending on several factors.

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