19th February 2018

    The aging of the facade is influenced by the location and environment of the building.

    To understand why the rehabilitation of facades in some buildings or homes is necessary, it is essential to understand that the passage of time and the use of low quality materials are the main causes of the deterioration of the facades of farms and houses. To start the plan of rehabilitation of facades of a house or building, there are many points that must be taken into account, however, it is essential to know the peculiarities and behavior of the materials that make it up.


    The Meteorological Conditions and the Rehabilitation of Facades

    The meteorological conditions of the location of a residence generate the aging of a residence, for that reason it is essential to continuously maintain the facade of our homes.

    In addition to this, it is essential to maintain the good condition of the cornices, slabs, balconies or other elements that, due to the deterioration, could come off and fall into public roads causing an accident.

    We also affirm that the painting that, as a general rule, looks like something ornamental, on the outside of the constructions improves the impermeability of the walls, helping to avoid humidity inside.


    Materials and Facade Rehabilitation

    Among the most used materials, we find brick, natural stone, lime mortars or monolayer mortars. The latter is an ideal material for waterproofing.

     Remember that all these tips are essential to plan the work to be done and to request information from specialized companies in the sector. First there is an observation stage, which consists of warning those most damaged points or that require a more specialized genre of work such as leaks and cracks.