• Thinking of a comprehensive reform? This is all you have to know

    17th December 2018

    So that the integral reform of your property is a success you must analyze certain issues that should not escape your control.

    What should not be overlooked before a comprehensive reform? Here we leave several aspects to consider before starting a comprehensive reform process for your home.

    Take your time...

    Sit and breathe ... a comprehensive reform requires a lot of planning and time to leave nothing to chance. Dedicate the necessary time for each detail as it will ensure that the reform is a success.

    Check all legal aspects

    Have you correctly informed yourself of all the legal aspects that may affect your reform? There are renovations that affect the structure of the house, and therefore require licenses or permits from the City Council. Avoid fines by ensuring that you have all the legal aspects up to date, in this way you will avoid a significant loss of time and money.

    Put limitations on the budget

    It is not surprising that unforeseen events arise during a work that had not been contemplated in the beginning. For this reason, it is not difficult to lose control if there is no proper planning.

    Be very clear about your needs and give priority to the most urgent
    Stand and think about what your real reform needs are and with what objective you have started this project. Impulsivity can take its toll and cause us not to be with the final result of the reform. Write down all the aspects that you are looking to improve with the new spaces of your home, as well as all the ideas that come to you, both structural and design. Transmit your needs and tastes to the professional in charge of the work to help you find the solution to your problems.

    In a reform, not all jobs involve the same time or the same upheaval for owners. Therefore, it is always advisable to start with the most complicated and urgent parts, such as the kitchen and the bathrooms, and leave the simplest works for the end. A small detail to keep in mind that will save you a lot of headaches.


    If you take into account all these details before starting a comprehensive reform, your work will be a success. Also, do not forget the importance of having a professional and experienced reform company. In brb Construcciones we advise you for free so that your reform is a success.