30th January 2018

    Prepare your terrace to avoid humidity, with a good waterproofing work.

    The correct waterproofing of the exposed elements of a building is vital to avoid the appearance of pathologies in the constructions, since if the water arrives at the reinforcement of pillars and beams they can corrode and finish unusable, in addition they can cause the appearance of leaks in the inside of our houses.


    There are different solutions to waterproof the roofs, from the application of special paints to bituminous sheets, generating a sealed glass evacuating the water through the sinks.

    For the facades it is advisable to use a good plastic paint that prevents the water from penetrating the interior, but at the same time allowing water vapor to escape from the interior.

    In the basement of existing buildings, special products can be applied, which, when penetrated into the structure, prevent water from rising.